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Microsoft Office: Neue Windows-11-Optik

Microsoft Office: New Design for Windows 11

All eyes are currently on Windows 11, but during the modernization process, Microsoft has not forgotten its most important application other than the operating system: Redmond is also adding new paint to Microsoft Office, so applications such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint and One in Windows 11’s modern menu language, Outlook. In addition to pure design cosmetics, the manufacturer has more for the office: Native 64-bit ARM variants to ensure optimal performance on related processors.

Microsoft Office: A New Look for Windows 11

However, Microsoft is far from a complete redesign of Office applications, says one manufacturer Blog post So only “visual refreshment” based on the fluid design established by the company. It includes key elements such as rounded corners – i.e. changes that are not necessarily recognizable at first glance. According to Microsoft, the changes help create a uniform image across all applications. The new themes for the office that make the user’s set better compatible with Windows themes are more obvious. It has a dark mode and white, color and dark gray modes.

The new mode is one of many themes in the new Microsoft Office.

Windows 10 users are not locked, the new design is designed for Windows 11, but should be found under Windows 10. New office applications can already be found on the beta channel Office Insider (Registration required) Download and try.

Microsoft Office: Best Performance in an ARM

In another Blog post Microsoft has announced a 64-bit ARM variant of its Office applications. The manufacturer ensures better performance with own support, especially with larger files. The ARM version is based on a new binary interface called ARM64EC, which allows you to combine x64 and ARM code. This is necessary because many add-ons are still based on the x86 operating system – leaving them in pure ARM environment. These add-ons can be integrated with a more advanced interface. The first ARM-64 version is already available for download in Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook and OneNote. To try them out, you must first install the Insider version of Windows 11 on the ARM device. You can find out how to do this in the “Download Windows 11: How You Try Your System” advice. Use the Office Insider Program to download the ARM version of Microsoft Office from the corresponding beta channel.