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Microsoft Edge comes with a new "download" experience

Microsoft Edge comes with a new “download” experience

Microsoft announces new downloads for its Microsoft Edge browser. This new experience is provided by the DEV channel.

We are in a testing environment. There is a great deal of feedback about this new approach to downloading content from the Internet. A new download user interface has been introduced to replace the old approach. Microsoft explains in this regard

“When you start the download, a new menu will appear in the upper right corner. It brings all your active downloads together in one place.

Microsoft Edge – the new “download” experience

This menu is easily hidden so you can continue browsing without interruption. You can track the progress of the overall download from the toolbar to the new progress ring at the best and download button.

Microsoft Edge - New Progress Ring on Downloads Button

Microsoft Edge – New Progress Ring on Downloads Button

All of these are not really new, and other browsers already offer such an approach. However this is a welcome advance because it helps make the browser easier and much nicer to use.

The Microsoft Edge and the new download experience goes to the DEV channel

Note that this new download button is automatically hidden in the toolbar if there are no downloads. Redmond adds

“Click the Downloads button at any time to see all your downloads again. You can move or right-click the files in the list to pause, restart, or cancel the download. You can also select View and manage your past downloads. “

All of these new features are now available for testing with the latest builds released on the Dev Channel.

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