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Loop Hero - Boot Trailer Celebrates Upcoming PC Release

Loop Hero – Boot Trailer Celebrates Upcoming PC Release

Loop Hero, Unlimited Old School Adventure from Intriguing Developer Four Quarters, March 4, begins its endless crusade tomorrow in PC (Steam) And invites fearless heroes to break the endless cycle of despair that has befallen the world. In anticipation of the bright release of the upcoming release, today we are getting ready for endless adventures by watching the deceptively new release trailer …

Find and use emerging magic maps to position enemies, buildings and landscapes along each unique journey, unite the memories of your brave hero, and restore balance to the world.

For battles it is important to find powerful loot for each hero class – you must expand the camp of survivors to further strengthen the group in each round. On the way to the destruction of reality, new classes, new maps and bad guards are waiting.

Due to the structure of the game, the two hero missions are not the same. Save the World – Only the bravest and most prosperous warriors can defeat the unclean defenders in a great history! To learn more about the secrets of this endless ring, visit, where each visit reveals deeper secrets – and Steam You can now immerse yourself in your own endless adventure very quickly.