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Local officials: Deadline for discussion on 2022-2024 budget forecast extended to 31.03

Local officials: Deadline for discussion on 2022-2024 budget forecast extended to 31.03

The IFEL ANCI Foundation reports that the State-City Conference and Local Autonomous, with a message posted on its website on December 22 Anci and UPI approved the proposal The deadline for resolving the 2022-24 budget has been extended to March 31, 2022.

Because of this Order of the Ministry of Home Affairs Released on GU n 309 of 24 December 30.12 The deadline for local authorities to determine the 2022/2024 budget has been postponed to March 31, 2022.

This simplifies the process of defining financial balances, and notes that many of the provisions in the 2022 Budget Bill are subject to parliamentary scrutiny and the need to revise the rates of municipal surcharges for Irfஃ. Brackets of taxable income provided for in the same Budget Act.
With the extension, temporary training for the January-March 2022 quarter is approved simultaneously until 31.03.

We remind you of that art. 151, paragraph 1, integrated text of laws relating to the organization of local authorities, Legislative Order no. 267 (TUEL), The deadline for budget resolution by local authorities is set for December 31 Specified for a period of at least three years and provides it Deadline may be postponed by order of the Minister of Home Affairs, In the presence of reasonable requirements, in consultation with the Minister of Economy and Finance, after consultation with the State-City and Local Autonomy Conferences.

The State-City Conference also approved:

  • The FSC 2022 Allocation, Which is a significant increase in resources for interventions to strengthen social services, transport service for students with disabilities and nursery schools, as well as a previous legislative decree number. 66 of 2014. Allocation ensures that no municipality contributes to the equation, which goes on its path through annual progress;
  • The The municipality has allocated about 208 million euros to cover the losses recorded in the additional income tax revenue As a result of state subsidies on labor productivity and flat taxes on rent.
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