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Last Month / These are the most downloaded mobile games in the world of digital information

Mobile games are a big part of the technology industry, and many people have a good year because they are stuck at home and then need an entertainment source that they can use at home, which will help them connect with their friends. Having said all this, it should be noted that some of the most popular mobile games have been released so far this year, and this led to a list of the most downloaded games in October 2020. In many ways it is quite unusual.

According to Senor Tower, We have the best game based on downloads in October, which should come as no surprise. A lot of YouTubers have started streaming this game themselves, and politicians have started using it to bring out more voters and connect with their members because it’s a kind of thing that could end up creating a unique forum for political discourse and education.

Coming in 2nd place is Subway Surfers, which has managed to stop the test of time and maintain its popularity even though many games have been released since the game was first popularized. This indicates that the new games have found a lot of celebrities, but users are not yet ready to drop their old favorites, which is more likely to be interested in seeing updated versions of the old mobile games they used to play. Well. Either way, the mobile game industry is growing, it’s not going anywhere but going up.