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Joan-Telechargement and Direxo, two illegal download sites, are announcing their closure

Joan-Telechargement and Direxo, two illegal download sites, are announcing their closure

Two major French piracy sites have announced simultaneous removal. For now, it is not known who its origin is.

For French amateur pirates, finding a movie or series on VF can be very complicated. The illegal download site “Zone-Telechargement” and the streaming site “Tirexo” are both very popular in France, announcing the closure. On the Zone-Telechargement homepage (or a copy of it, we’ll explain it to you in a few minutes), site administrators point out “There will be no recovery / continuation”. After so many twists and turns, will the adventure really end?

Zone-Telecharge Announces Home Page Closure. // Source: Capture Numeroma

In 2016 regional telecommunications were already eliminated

While reading the title of this article, you may have felt like you were traveling over time. For good reason, Zone-Telechargement was already closed for the first time in 2016, when Gendermary took a major step, leading to the arrest of several individuals. At the time, Zone-Telechargement, France’s leading piracy site, attracted millions of visitors each month. Numeroma followed suit, which led to the creation of copies by fakes, including the site which is now closed. The audience of the new zone-telecharge is unknown, but its popularity is thought to be low.

Why are these two sites closing at the same time? The unreasonableness of their creators could be attributed to the French authorities. Was the final warning issued? According to journalist Tristan Brozat, the Association for the Fight Against Audiovisual Theft has declined to comment on the matter, which is difficult to say at the moment.

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With the advent of streaming, theft has gradually declined in France and around the world. Multiplication of services such as Netflix, Disney +, Amazon, OCS, myCANAL, HBO Max. Begins to produce the opposite effect. If piracy sites lose their specialty, they attract many internet users. Until someone acquires the two sites, we will have to do less now.