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How to download movie scripts on VLC?

How to download movie scripts on VLC?

Not everyone sees a picture in its original version and understands all the verses of different characters. For non-polycloths, they will start reading a movie in a language they have not mastered, or at least not fully, and on their computer, the VLC multimedia player can get them out of this awkward situation very easily.

This software, which is often full of unauthorized features, also includes the option to download excerpts from the video being played. With a few clicks, you can subtitle an image to its original version, without doing anything other than sitting comfortably in your armchair.

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1. Start the movie in VLC

Get started by starting a movie that wants to get subtitles on VLC. If VideoLAN’s media player is configured as the default player for your videos, you need to double-click on the video file.

Otherwise, open VLC and drag the video file into the player window.

2. Enter VLsub

Now click on the menu See, Then enter the menu V.L. Sup.

In the VLsub window that appears, click the drop-down menu Subtitles Languages To select the subtitle language you want to get, in our case subtitles in French. There are two options to start the subtitle search: Search by hash Search for subtitles based on the fingerprint of your video file, or Search by name Search for subtitles by typing the name of the film directly into the field Title For that purpose.

3. Download subtitles

Find the line of subtitle that corresponds to the movie you are watching and click on it to select it. Then click the button Select to download Recover subtitles. VLsub displays a message Success: Subtitles loaded The subtitles are in green when downloaded correctly.

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Usually, the subtitle file in the .srt format with the same name as your movie file is stored in the same directory where the movie was stored. Then click Close Close VLsub.

4. Execute subtitles

Now click on the menu Subtitles And then inside Subtitle track, Select the subtitles you downloaded. If you have uploaded many different files you will see multiple subtitles appearing.

This functionality can be a little capricious at times, so restart VLC, restart Movie Playback and re-select your subtitle to see what appears on the screen.