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How does supplementary health insurance improve the readability of contract guarantees?

How does supplementary health insurance improve the readability of contract guarantees?

This second survey was conducted from December 2020 to January 2021. A questionnaire was sent to members of the three families formed by the National Complementary Health Association (UNOCOM): the French Mutual National Federation (FNMF), the Federation Franchise de l Assurance (FFA) and the Technology Center for Futures Companies (CDP). All three federations signed an agreement with UNOCAM on February 14, 2019 on the clarity of the guarantees.

These new surveys are for “responsible contracts” *, taken or renewed before 1There is January 2021.

Respondent companies cover more than 45 million people with complementary health insurance.

* Complete health care qualifies as “liable” when reimbursed:

  • User fees;
  • Daily hospitalization rate;
  • Minimum guarantees similar to the “100% Health” maintenance basket for glasses, some dental prostheses and some hearing aids.

Find out the results of the 2021 survey

Complementary health insurance made obligations in 2019. The second assessment carried out shows that there are results. The progress is real. A dynamic launch. This is very positive, especially in the context of the use of 100% health reform.

Maurice Ronat, President of Unocom

Find out more

Download the trial press release.
Download detailed results.

To improve the readability of the warranties, many educational tools are available to the general public and additional sites on the site., In particular:

  • A VideoUnderstand health care reimbursement well .
  • A Video To “It is good to understand the schedule of complementary health guarantees ».
  • “7 Examples of Refunds in Euros” presented in infographic format. Refunds for consulting a general practitioner and an expert and dental crown fitting are specifically explained. With health insurance, we know how much is being reimbursed by complementary health insurance and what the amount to be paid by the insurer is.
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