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Hidetaka Miyazaki reveals her favorite boss in the Elton Ring - News

Hidetaka Miyazaki reveals her favorite boss in the Elton Ring – News

Fame is the strength of this success Game designer From SoulsAnd accidentally returned, head of FromSoftware Xbox Wire Japan In a short interview about game design. He specifically described this new open world experience as being much less fragmented than the studio’s previous games.

As for the overall design of the game, apart from the sense of achievement, I think a consistent concept from Dark Souls and its sequel focuses on the sense of adventure, where you can freely meet the challenges of the wider world. Unknown and threatening, is a determining factor.“The freedom to move freely from one end of the underworld to the other, without continuing The boss Or a hostile area, in fact, is one of the key assets of the latest FromSoftware, which in particular requires enormous product work.

Fortunately, director Miyazaki was able to rely on the experience accumulated within the team. “In terms of actual production, this is a much bigger game than before, which means more responsibility has been given to others than to me. In other words, the staff I can hand over to this project has matured, which is why we decided it was the perfect time to create this game.“.

The open world of the Elton Ring seems to learn from many Open worlds He was trampled before, Miyazaki “Do not think that he and his teams were inspired by a particular sport“, But apparently many:”As a gamer, I have enjoyed many open-world games that are classic, and I have been impressed with each one. I can only name a few like the Elder Scrolls series or The Witcher 3. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is a particularly recent example.

The owner engages in certain beliefs based on the employer design, which is the time to raise the central question. The bossHighlights of the adventure: “At the beginning of the design of a map, especially a large map, the bosses who form in the area are set in stone. So the maps are designed based on the bosses game, and the bosses game is adjusted based on the maps they appear on.“, He reveals.

And who exactly has the advantages The boss From The boss ? “Decision making is very difficult, but I go to Radhan“In reference to the Colossus who sacrificed the lost souls in Guild.”He is an attractive character and I really like all the performances related to the Rotten Festival. We find that these feelings are mixed with celebration and excitement, but I think we also find a depression that is specific to each one.“Miyazaki explains that when he first came up with the idea, no one on the team really took it seriously. The boss On this unofficial platform, The Game designer Godrick and Rycord leaned to the side. What about malaria?

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