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Here's how you can use the deposit.  Download the form

Here’s how you can use the deposit. Download the form

It was a season ticket campaign launched during a very difficult period, which was ruled by uncertainties and many rumors about the future of the club. Fans of the Karwa Suite along with Arcoglio Amaranto introduced a free subscription to raise the money needed to participate in the club’s registration. The response was decisive with the intention of using that money for 2020/2021 subscriptions. The stadiums were closed, despite Arezzo’s approval to provide nominal vouchers for each event.

Now Pride Amaranto and Arezzo have reached an agreement. Fans who signed up for the pre-season ticket campaign to support the team’s record for the championship now have the opportunity to decide how to use the money made. Despite the difficulties associated with the epidemic and the indefinite closure of the stadiums, the general desire of those who worked during this period to find all possible solutions was that there was a desire to acknowledge the sacrifices made by the fans and give them more than one choice.

Going into detail, at the same time as this communication, it spreads Form to be filled Definitely. Four options are provided It can be connected to each other. Each fan can decide to pay the amount he or she pays between possibilities Turn it into a subscription voucher, Or return to the field as soon as possible Donate all or part of it to Arcocleo Amaranto Maintain 1% of membership fee.

Can request Withdrawal of amount Payment must be made in whole or in part, or a portion or a lump sum must be set aside for selection A voucher for business Officer of Arezzo.

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The form must be duly completed and emailed to [email protected] no later than midnight on January 31, 2021. For any clarification or clarity, members of the Arcoglio Amaranto team can be contacted directly or through a personal message on the Facebook page.

Download the form