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Harvest Moon: A World - Testing, Simulation, Nintendo Switch

Harvest Moon: A World – Testing, Simulation, Nintendo Switch

Back in the field

No joke – Harvest Moon: A world really fits a farm inventory for the first time. Standing in front of a fuel-filled robot, the house, static and airy dust disappears in a cloud when a button is pressed (an animation would have blown the budget). After being elevated to a construction site on the beach or other biomes, everything can be recreated in seconds – including fields, chickens and cows without noticing anything from modern activity. What a world!

This trick, which at first seemed strange, actually provoked me after a while to wander in the desert and elsewhere. With this trick, and with the help of fast travel, I was able to explore the world much easier instead of focusing too much on fieldwork. By the way, I have to be more tolerant: in hot and frosty places it empties even faster on long trips than on normal hikes.

Extra time on a button

The mobile farm starts with a limited number of farms. Even on the rise, you stumble back and forth in isolated usable squares.

Unfortunately, the strengths are limited to an increased variety due to movement and climatic zones and new plant mutations. Besides, the title looks like a tired copy of the good old days – rebuilt for the needs and expectations of smartphone users. Whatever I do in the field or off-road, everything happens with a single stupid hammer on a button. Cut the roots of the tree: a button. Plow Field Square: A button. Select and remove seeds: a button. A Cush from Irrigation: You can imagine it.

As a fan of hardcore techno, the monotonous hammer is not new to me, but here it gets to the top: even on the edge of the road, the sluggish push of the buttons continues, for example when picking muscles, harvesting coconuts or collecting seeds. The latter has been surprisingly expensive in stores recently. In return, at the beginning of the game, harvest enthusiasts lurk in practically every corner, offering free bags with seeds for ornamental plants such as peppers, beets or a plant with light colored flowers. So it is worthwhile to embark on excursions in the seldom-designed meadows of the game to “harvest” the seeds at the push of a button.

Not exactly magic

Everyone knows that love goes through the stomach - but not like that!

Everyone knows that love goes through the stomach – but not like that!

As usual, magical men play an important role in the story: the potato is now thriving because agricultural knowledge and fertility have disappeared from the region for a mysterious reason. So the hero (or heroine) created in Simple Editor goes on a journey to awaken the six harvest cubs with the invention medals and restore the diversity of the plant species.

For example, when grown in different soils, new varieties such as sweet corn or kale emerge. As already mentioned, staying in the field is very simple and boring. This is especially true when compared to the traditional paddy cultivation taught at Sakuna: of rice and extinction, every step is learned in detail; From manual seeding to irrigation and subsequent processing.

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