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Google Pixel 5

Google publishes July links for pixels: news and downloads

The next beta of Android 12 is pending, with Google today releasing July links for support pixel family devices. There was a delay Widely expected, Is due for a holiday on July 4, which forced the California company to postpone the release of security updates for a day or two.

What’s new in the July reefs

In addition to the security patches that were updated in July, the new update for the pixel range brings some changes. In particular, it enables VoLTE calls on certain unspecified networks and fixes an error that caused continuous restarts in certain situations. For the rest, the changelog includes classic performance improvements and other minor bug fixes. Following the complete list of security bulletin and news.

Pixel / Nexus Security Bulletin

Pixel Security Update Changes

How to update Google Pixel 3, 3A, 4, 4A and 5

As always, the release of the update takes a few days to reach all affected devices, and even the most impatient can download files from the official Google website. OTA files are available, they only update the system, and Factory image This will remove the contents of the smartphone and should only be used if you want a clean installation following some issues.

You can still check for updates by going to Settings> System> Advanced> System Updates. Follow the links to download OTA manually Factory image.

OTA fileFactory image