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Google Chrome 103 est désormais accessible à tous avec tous ces changements

Google Chrome 103 is now available to everyone with all these changes

As of today, version 103 of the Google Chrome browser can be downloaded from all available sites.

Shortly after beta, Google Chrome reached version 103 permanently and permanently. Starting today, all browser users, regardless of their preferred site, can now download the latest version of Chrome and start using all the new features introduced by this update.

The update has been particularly innovative in its version for Android, which introduces important changes in terms of page loading or compatibility with new technologies. Let’s review everything in it.

Google Chrome on various devices.

Improved password manager, access to local resources and more

As we expected when we released the Chrome 103 beta, one of the first changes introduced in this release was support for the so-called “HTTP Response Code Early Hints”. It aims to speed up the loading of web pages by preloading a portion of the code. They are hosted servers before the user decides to access them.

Additionally, the Web Share API supports .avif formatting, allowing web pages to work without problems when sharing .avif files via Android’s menu.

Chrome 103 can also access font files stored on local device storage. This can be very useful when using image editing websites that allow you to import external sources.

Finally, Chrome 103 has replaced the browser’s built-in password manager with a more comprehensive manager that can even be added to the home screen of our Android device via a shortcut.

Google Chrome 103 can now be downloaded through Google Play on Android. On all other sites, updates will begin shortly.

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