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From the download request to the QR code, the guide-

From the download request to the QR code, the guide-

How To Download Green Pass

You can request a free green pass through: Exclusive Government Website (, The site of the Regional Health Register, By selecting the area of ​​residence, Immuni application ol ‘Application IO. It is necessary to report the health card number and one of the unique codes obtained: successful vaccination (first dose and complete), successful recovery, negative result of tampon in the last 48 hours. Codes are sent via SMS or email to the Ministry of Health for contacts provided during the service.

Paper format from doctors and pharmacists

Those who do not know much about digital devices, those who do not have a smartphone or do not know how to use a PC can rely on one more body channel to claim the Green Pass. It is necessary to contact a general practitioner, pediatrician or pharmacist of free choice. By reporting the tax code and health card data, one of these experts can check the requirements and download the green certificate, which can be printed at this time. Pass, whether digital or paper, is a QR code that can be read by authorized people to verify.

How Long Does a Green Boss Last?

Green pass is obtained by having one of these three conditions: vaccination, cure, holding a negative molecule or antigen test. All three categories receive the same certification, but different duration: those who receive the first dose of the vaccine will have a pass valid for 15 days after the booster injection; For recalls immediately and for the following 9 months; For those who have been rescued from the temple, 6 months from the recovery certificate, for those who have been tested, 48 hours. If you are affected (when it expires) the pass will be canceled.

European green bass

The Green Pass is used to restart the journey. In Italy, they must be available to reach the orange or red areas, and they must be arranged on the unfortunate hypothesis (currently Italy is mostly white and in some areas yellow). You must show a green pass to travel between the 27 EU member states and Iceland, Norway, Liechtenstein and Switzerland. In fact, the Italian certificate, which has been available since yesterday, will be valid as a U Digital Covid certificate from July 1 in all EU countries.

Green pass in Italy for events and weddings

Attend sports events, concerts, concerts, parties and weddings, and dance at discos (if you decide to re-open dance clubs on July 1) are required to show the Green Pass. For this reason, the DBCM, which was launched yesterday, authorizes public authorities to control the certification of aircraft, sea and land tankers, but also to managers of public companies and accommodation facilities and staff assigned to control recreational activities in open spaces.

Green pass in Italy for RSA visit

The Green Certificate is also mandatory for those who wish to visit guests at a health facility for the elderly known as the RSA. It was established with an order signed in May by Health Minister Roberto Speranza to respond to the needs of elderly families admitted to hospital in protected structures and to return to visit their loved ones after being isolated for several months to prevent infection. You can enter exhibitions (approved from June 15), conferences and conferences (can be organized from July 1) with the pass.

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