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Five sites to download free music

Five sites to download free music

Download music legally online and save it to listen to offline on your computer or smartphone.

If streaming sites like Spotify, Deezer or Apple Music have become the preferred solutions for accessing large music listings in a few years, it may be necessary to pay a subscription fee to listen to music without an internet connection through these services.

Need to put your hand in your pocket to listen to music without being connected to the internet? No. While many online services on the Internet listen to music in streaming, it also offers the opportunity to download some songs for free in the form of MP3 files that can be saved for listening to offline.

These platforms provide content from more or less well-known artists, sometimes with unpublished tracks and compositions and, in some cases, live recordings of exclusive concerts not found anywhere else. While most of these platforms purchase titles, they also allow artists to publish some of their tracks for free download. Find five online services to download free music legally.

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1. Free Music Archive

Free Music Archive Undoubtedly one of the most popular free music download sites for content creators. For good reason, the titles hosted there are no rights and are provided for the most part under the Creative Commons license, allowing everyone to download and use the music for free to illustrate the project.
Free Music Archive Supports more than 50,000 creators, mostly independent artists and music makers from around the world. There are about 150,000 original songs on stage

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Download free music from free archive

2. Zemendo

The first online service offering non-royalty music in 2004, Zemendo Presents itself today as a platform that allows musicians and music enthusiasts to come together in one community.
The site, which adds pride to independent music, has over 500,000 titles and a list of over 40,000 international artists. All music styles are listed there and can be downloaded for free for personal use.

Artists should be paid Zemendo Provides music search professionals for their film, advertising and other audiovisual products to pay for commercial use licenses.

Download free music from Jamendo


Following in the footsteps of MySpace, SoundCloud is an audio distribution platform that allows artists to publish and distribute their work to a very large audience. A true music social network, SoundCloud claims to be the most important music site in the world.

It allows you to stream songs from all walks of life, from independent musicians to famous singers.
If artists take advantage of this opportunity, they can use the service to download music for free. The “Free Download” button will be displayed later.
SoundCloud makes it very easy to search for content that can be downloaded for free from its search engine, which requires you to enter the tag “free download”.

This service does more than just host content, because artists allow users to upload content or view related clips on other sites.

Download free music from SoundCloud

4. River Nation

Styled like SoundCloud, ReverbNation Provides a platform that allows artists to distribute their work, but also monetizes their content by purchasing some of their tracks directly from the stage.
ReverbNation You can listen to the music of thousands of artists for free on streaming, and for some many titles are downloaded for free.
To easily find these free tracks, ReverbNation It has integrated the option of “Need Free MP3s” into its search engine, which allows you to filter your searches by downloading certain tracks of artists for free.

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Download free music from ReverbNation


Sound click Claims to be one of the pioneers of online music. Born in 1997, the site defines itself as a social network that offers listening and downloading millions of titles, mainly produced by independent artists.
The site allows fans to listen to artists on streaming, interact with them and, above all, download some of their titles for free. According to the number of pieces of all the music genres mentioned, Sound click Will deliver nearly six million tracks

Download free music from SoundClick