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Ezviz DB2 Pro Review: Well-fitted doorbell camera

Ezviz DB2 Pro Review: Well-fitted doorbell camera

The DB2 Pro works on the Ezviz processor just like the Torbel brand cameras. Since the doorbell also acts as a surveillance camera and detects movements and people, we see more or less the same functions. The user has a choice between three levels of sensitivity and the possibility of being alerted by notifications during operation. It can be saved to any kind of micro SD card or cloud by subscribing to CloudPlay.

In addition, Ezviz provides a “wandering detection” to disable prowl by activating a doorbell alarm when a person stands in front of the door for more than 1-15 seconds. The option could have been more interesting with longer limits and related announcements. As it stands, it does not add much more than identifying individuals who cannot be executed at the same time. For example, it would have been more interesting to be notified when someone was staying several minutes in front of the house.

Of course, since this is a doorbell, visitors can also manually activate the DB2 Pro using the dedicated button. A queue is then recorded and the call screen appears on the user’s smartphone, with a preview of the call bell activated. The user can access the live stream before picking up and changing his voice. A male voice is particularly proposed and can easily make a female intimidate an unwanted viewer.

On the other hand, if the smartphone is on hold, the call will not be displayed and you will not be notified that someone has sounded. The smartphone will simply wake up without releasing the signal or displaying anything on the screen. The problem may be related to the smartphone used for testing (Sony Xperia 5 III), but it’s very annoying because you have to open it to see if someone has heard the sound. If it is too late to answer, the user will automatically fall into the history of events by unlocking his smartphone and then see the missed call, but we would still appreciate the announcement.

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Since the DB2 Pro runs on battery, it may be helpful to disable or lighten some features to recharge it frequently, but Ezviz has provided limited profiles before guiding the user. It is even possible to program these profiles throughout the day so you do not have to change them manually. To check the battery level, go to the main page of Calling Bell, which provides access to live, event history, and cymin crashes. Also note that the latter can change the volume and ringtone.

So the Ezviz app is relatively complete, but it’s a little less than Google’s app that allows it to detect Ring or vehicles and packages and face recognition with its customizable detection zones. With a paid subscription. Finally, keep in mind that your Ezviz account can be linked to Google Home and Alexa for viewing images on Nest and Echo Show screens. Echo devices also act as bells, but this feature is not provided by Google.