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Every new iPhone by 2023: Apple's secret plan discovered

Every new iPhone by 2023: Apple’s secret plan discovered

What new iPhones can you expect in the next few years? As always, Apple has been making a big secret out of it. But a well-known expert and insider is already figuring out the plan. Are you interested? But be careful: spoiler warning!

Apple Expert Ming-chi Guo He knows his way and, most importantly, knows a lot of people who know what it is Apple Already in progress. For many years he has been predicting new Apple products safely and reliably, now revealing Apple’s secret timetable IPhone. So what is the manufacturer’s plan until 2023?What cell phone innovations can and should we expect?

Apple iPhone 13: Small peak and large battery

2021: Creating a start In the fall IPhone 13. The rumor mill paints a pretty clear picture of the upcoming smartphone. Guo does this again Approved And synced. In a nutshell, the most important points about the iPhone 13 are:

  • There are again 4 models in three display sizes (5.4, 6.1 and 6.7 inches).
  • Pro models have a faster 120 Hz display.
  • IPhone 13 will be for the first time Small peak (visual peak) To.
  • New 5G modem from Qualcomm (X60).
  • All models were obtained Large and very powerful batteries.
  • Lidar does not come in all models, The feature is with Pro versions – negative Surprise.

A shame: the successor to the iPhone SE will probably be disappointed

2022: In the coming year, Apple will initially be its successor Current iPhone SE – So there is no new model this year. The New iPhone SE But for many Apple fans it should be one Bitter disappointment Become. So far, there have been speculations about a new design with a full design scenario, but this should not be the case. According to Quo, there are only new chips and a 5G modem. The look, the design … everything will be the same.

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In The successor to the iPhone 13 If major changes are pending again, at least on some models, the peak will disappear completely. There is something instead Lochmera (punch-hole) im scene. We have known such a solution for a long time, for example Samsung-Smartphones. Also, the front camera of iPhones will have autofocus for the first time in 2022.

Samsung users are already familiar with the small “punch hole” in the display, and next year’s iPhone:

IPhone 2023: Alter folder!

2023: Big changes on the iPhone are inevitable in two years. At least one Top-model It will be later Do it completely without a peak or punch hole. This variant then gets one Fingerabdrucksensor im view And a Periscope-camera. And bargain hunters Again a cheap iPhone The iPhone 11 – 6 inch display with Face ID will be offered for about $ 600.

Is it like that or something like that? In 2023 we know:

But Apple wants to shape the real revolution in 2023 The first foldable iPhones Currently. Apple flattened on it. If the plans work, customers will receive them Flexible 7.8- to 8-inch display iPhone And built-in support for the Apple Pencil. A combination of iPhone and iPad, if you will.

Important to know: It should be noted that with all the credibility of Ming-Ci Guo, Apple’s plans are subject to change. In the more distant future, detailed predictions are uncertain. Still: The hard route map for the iPhone is in place We already know him.