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Europe, we'll be ready soon !: The foxes clearly beat Erlong - Dogspecial Plus

Europe, we’ll be ready soon !: The foxes clearly beat Erlong – Dogspecial Plus

Jaron Seaward had a good laugh. H.C. Before his team’s 30:22 (17:12) victory over Erlangan became clear, the Fuchs coach was able to greet his players at half time for the first time. In this way, the Berliners can not only start a new series, but also look forward to successful revenge. Because of the first leg defeat in February, which ended in a 27:30 defeat, it should not be forgotten that this year the foxes had a negative series.

For their part, Erlong have won against Macbeth and Mannheim in recent months, but they need to look back at a convertible season that has brought them only thirteenth place in the Bundesliga. On Sunday, the Franks had no surprising success to do without seven regular staff.

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Unlike four months ago, foxes were able to activate their own system from the start. Seaward was able to appreciate his defense again and again, which was concise and active, forcing guests several times on time, forcing playback errors and preventing repeats with good defensive behavior. It also made the job easier for Tejan Milosevljev, who contributed thirteen savings to the goal.

After a good quarter of an hour, Fuchs were ahead with three goals for the first time, and in the satisfactory course of the game, even Seevert was able to take a seat on the bench and watch the action with a certain calm. Because his plan did not work only for safety. Lossey Anderson was consistent in attack, and with his agility and quality of finish he saw gaps in Erlongan’s defense. At the same time – unlike Thursday against Lemko – the game worked on the circle, where Mijajlo Marsenik converted all six of his shots. Overall, Seaward was able to watch his team calmly, which never backed down against Erlong, gradually expanding their lead.

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Visitors should come back next Sunday

“It’s a consistent and sovereign performance as I thought. The width of the team spoke for us today,” Seaward said, adding that he was able to see his foxes in fifth place thanks to the two points he won.

The good news for Seaward and his team doesn’t stop there. The association submits an application for visitor admission on Monday, which is due to take effect next Sunday. Last Thursday, the Leipzig team kicked off with 1000 spectators against Keel and the upcoming final four (June 3/4) for the German Cup will take place in front of an equally large audience. If the Senate agrees, it will mark next weekend against Cooper. That should make Jaron Seaward happy again.