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Epic game against Apple, a law in Arizona will prove Fortnight home right - Nert 4.Life

Epic game against Apple, a law in Arizona will prove Fortnight home right – Nert 4.Life

Epic game One can find Support Is legal for its claims Against Apple, As a design Law It may be allowed to use Alternative payments For official stores Application iOS and Android.

The whole legal battle that erupted between Epic Games and Apple was actually based on this point: Fortnight introduced a method to do this Micro transactions In the game Avoiding the official store Apple, which is not allowed by the operating system regulation and this led to the banning of the epic title and consequently the media and legal battle.

While we waitAt the court hearing It will live in the courtroom in May, meanwhile interesting news for the question comes out: the state parliamentArizona, In the United States, passed a bill that was voted on by a majority in the past few hours to prevent developers from using the official and centralized payment system for iOS and Android applications.

The law therefore allows developers to pay for utility purchases directly to various utility editors without having to go through a centralized site, thus reducing the 30% fee to managers (reduced to 15% for some small developers based on new App Store regulation).

The law should prevent store managers from exceeding one million downloads To force “A developer residing in this state to use a unique and exclusive utility payment method for users”. So the question is very localized because it also refers to developers living in Arizona, so it has nothing to do with epic games, especially Apple and Fortnite, but it is a The previous one Historical in this sense.

The free Fortnight campaign has been going on for several months now, coming to court in May