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Dull gardens and balconies are no exception thanks to this beautiful lush fleshy

Dull gardens and balconies are no exception thanks to this beautiful lush fleshy

Many horticultural enthusiasts have begun to approach this world, starting with the flesh. These plants should not be left out of our collection as they are easy to maintain and very beautiful to look at.

In this article we will analyze a wonderful succulent plant that is also known as borsina acre, or fennel herb. It is an evergreen succulent plant that is ideal for filling rock gardens, balconies and terraces.

Dull gardens and balconies are no exception thanks to this beautiful lush fleshy

Belonged to the family Croculaceae, This beautiful succulent plant is characterized by two different types of stems.
An infertility, abundant leaflets and a fertile, well-spaced flowering and leaves.
The leaves are oval, fleshy and spiral, almost hypnotic.
In addition, they are very hard due to the water in the plant tissues.

The flowers bloom between May and July and are small, formed by a corolla of 5 petals arranged in the shape of stars. The inflorescences of this plant are especially appreciated because over time they form dense ground cover shrubs.

What are the treatments?

The damage to the acre, apart from being a beautiful color and ground cover plant, does not even require much care. So it is perfect for anyone who is not familiar with gardening or does not have much time to invest in it.

However, it is a plant that prefers full sunlight. It tolerates summer heat well and resists temperatures below 10 degrees.
As for the soil, it adapts well everywhere, but prefers clay and well-drained.

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Thanks to the amount of water it can store in the leaves, this plant survives even from prolonged drought. If grown in pots, it needs occasional watering in the summer, especially when it is hot.

Finally, the fertilization phase is important and should take place at least once a month, except in winter. Once diluted with water, the fertilizer should have a balanced amount of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium.


So, thanks to this beautiful evergreen fleshy, we will never get dull gardens and balconies again.
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