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Download Valeria Marini / Giacomo Urtes and Depart with Katia Richiarelli

Download Valeria Marini / Giacomo Urtes and Depart with Katia Richiarelli

One of the secrets of success Big Brother Whip 2021 It is undoubtedly a continuous feed of program dynamics, and thanks to deep new gateways. One of the most talked about posts just before Christmas Valeria Marini e Giacomo Urtis As a unique character.

In the first few weeks of the game Valeria Marini Up to this point the showgirl had chosen not to go into particular dynamics, even though she had appeared in the shadows during the episodes and had little to do with the strong debates, she was immediately revealed even through minor conflicts with the other tenants of the house. Who animated the live broadcast.

Valeria Marini joins Katia Ricciarelli

Agreement between Giacomo Urtis e Valeria Marini At the moment, however, it seems to be troubled by some ideological conflict within the home. Both have received some during the last candidacy Small discussion After the will of the surgeon to appoint Miriana Travison, A choice of the unwilling Valeria Marini immediately separated herself From the choice of spouse. In light of Kiacomo creating two different teams inside the house that seem to be very close to the group of younger competitors, both competitors go in different directions inside the house. Valeria Marini Seems to be very close with the group in support of Katia Ricciarelli, often created by the adults of the house. Will the paths of the two competitors be different in the next few weeks?

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In fact, in the last few hours Valeria Marini Seemed anxious about the future Katia Ricciarelli Inside the house Big Brother Whip 2021 And speaking Carmen Russo e Manila Nazareth Regarding the appointment of the preferred candidate, he suggested appointing Soprano to prevent the woman from going for the appointment, adding: “Katya is very sensitive. You have to explain things to Katya. By then we will build the wall.”.

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