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Capcom talks about how they brought the RE engine to the Nintendo Switch - My Nintendo News

Capcom talks about how they brought the RE engine to the Nintendo Switch – My Nintendo News

In a recent interview with Eurogamer, Monster Hunter series producer Raiza Sujimoto and Monster Hunter Rise director Yasunori Ichinos described how the impressive RE engine on Nintendo Switch hardware worked and was fully functional. The RE engine powers many PlayStation 4 and Xbox One titles, such as the Resident Evil 2 remake from Capcom and Devil May Cry 5. Listen to how challenging it is to bring the game engine to the switch platform.

It’s awesome that you’re even going with the RE engine – it’s an amazing engine and has done wonders on Capcom titles in recent years. How challenging is it to get it on the switch?

Yasunori Ichinos: This is definitely a new challenge for us. As you said, this is our first time bringing the RE engine title into the switch. So a lot of thematic technical engineering work needs to be done to target the new hardware platform. In fact, being an internal capcom engine means that we have the benefit of all the skill and knowledge of our engineers – they have worked very hard, ensuring that the engine works for us and that we can take in game content, which is certainly not an open world, with no loading spaces between them The maps, while doing the job smoothly, maintaining the graphics quality we want, without compromising performance and having a frame rate is the only thing that can achieve our goals – a very difficult balance to achieve all, but I think the team has really taken it off, conveniently aiming at 30 frames per second, at the same time The game also makes it look pretty and pushes the power of the switch as much as we can. It was a challenging but rewarding experience.

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This is the first time the Monster Hunter has been in the RE engine. I know you can not talk much about future titles, but does that mean Monster Hunter is going ahead with that engine game now?

Rijo Sujimoto: Originally the Monster Hunter was put aside as a series, the RE engine was Capcom’s latest upgrade internal engine. And yes, our goal is to get all of our games running on our engine as eventually as possible.