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Baldur's Gate 3, New Patch Presentation on Livestream Next Week - Live 4. Life

Baldur’s Gate 3, New Patch Presentation on Livestream Next Week – Live 4. Life

Gateway to Baltur3 Will be the protagonist of something new Streaming presentation In which new incoming content and other news for the game will still be announced in early access, the event takes placeJuly 8, 2021 at 8 p.m. Italian.

Lauren Studios announced livestream next week, and it will be specifically informative Next link Coming to Baldur’s Gate 3: This is the third group from Hell, as these presentation events are called by Larion, who update the status of the work for the expected RPG.

The introductory tweet reads, “Join us on July 8th for an interactive adventure exploring the new content of Baldur’s Cat 3 Patch in Lorion’s first Larpig.” “We will broadcast live from Castle to Cravenstein (but we did not all survive) and help us define the adventure.”

Apparently, the developers are planning some sort of project for this new livestream Interactive game With the general public, the focus is mainly on the contents of the new link, but presented in a specific way.

More accurate information on the new Baltur’s Gate 3 patch is pending, Lauren confirmed Bailout If you do not participate in the beta branch mentioned in the official tweet, the previous link will not be compatible. We know that the release of the final version is scheduled for 2022, not before, at this point, Patch 4 was available in February, introducing the Droid class.