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Art with Kids - Southwest

Art with Kids – Southwest

Creative Against Boredom: Three Tips to Have Fun Now.

Make Lego, put iron on the beads and tie the bracelets – we’ve done enough after being locked for several weeks. It’s time for new ideas! Thanks for an art book for kids, drawing application for tablets and great ideas for kindergarten.

Paint me
A mandala!
Coloring the zones is fun. It’s even more fun if you’ve designed the zone yourself before. It’s very easy in Sketchbook. The app can be downloaded for free on a smartphone or tablet.

But first you have to try what the app can do. We can simply use them to paint, choose colors, different pens and line widths. What is special, however, is that the utility can be used to bring glass axes into our paper. You can imagine this axis as a mirror: we draw one side of the desired figure – perhaps a rocket – and the other completes itself.

To design a zone, you now need to set not just one menu, but several glass axes, up to 16 possible. Then we choose a thin line in black, and we go: flowers and leaves, circles and curls multiply themselves on our digital paper. It does not work properly from the beginning, but with a little practice you can create the most beautiful zones to suit your own taste. The description of the Sketchbook application is on the page – more understandable to children Find out. The “Create Creative Media – With Anti-Boring Media” campaign page aims to show children ways to create something with the media instead of consuming it. Among other things, it explains step by step how to create your own cartoon or record an audio story.

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The best painters
For small artists

A storm blows across the ocean, the waves break, and the boat’s mast bends under the weight of the wind. English painter William Turner wanted to paint ships in stormy seas. Today we want to follow by drawing his footsteps. Arena-Verlock has published a wonderful “Handbook for Kids”: “Painting and Design Like a Real Artist”. Here not only famous works are presented, but also the techniques of the artists are explained: How did Van Gogh manage the bustling night sky, and how did the strong colors and rotating structures in his paintings come about? What did Alberto Giacometti want to express with his stick-like bronze figures? How to manage spraying on art, sea, waves and paper like William Turner?

First we draw a boat with wax crayons, then we dampen our sheet with a sponge and then apply watercolors on the paper in shades of blue and green. Then comes a trick: we spray salt on the wet film in some places. Salt absorbs moisture – well, light structures emerge in the dark sea blue. Wow! A small work of art is created with a very simple method. In general, many everyday things are used for design in the book: all-purpose glue and aluminum foil, fork and wrapping paper. After much enjoying Turner’s work, we head straight to work: it’s supposed to be a night sky like James McNeill Whistler.

Book Tip: Rosie Dickens: Art. A book for children. Arena Verlock, Worcestershire 2007, 96 pages, 12.99 euros

Art every day
Seakbright, the raccoon, looks at the world a little surprised, raises his ears, and nods. Siegfried is actually an egg carton and a piece of paint. Yet it has a character all on its own. Animals made from egg cartons – this is one of the many craft ideas for children that Kindergunstas Munich has posted on its Facebook page and Instagram since its first lock in the spring of 2020.

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Projects are made from recycled materials that would otherwise end up in the trash. A tetrabok becomes a home fa முகade with a ridge garden. The cork of a wine bottle will turn into a seal and a simple cardboard card will turn into a loom.

We are now expanding our wildlife gallery. Seekbright absolutely needs friends: Ruby, Deer or Freddie, fox?

More great craft ideas Under Or on the Kindergunstas Instagram page. Kindergarten also offers online workshops for children and adults.