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Apple iPhone 15: Rumor has it that there is no SIM card slot

Although IPhone 15 There are already rumors about something coming up that will only appear next year Apple is the primary. According to the latest information, the iPhone 15 Pro is said to be the first device without a SIM slot. This will make the smartphone waterproof.

Current iPhones with already integrated eSIM

Current iPhone models already offer the option to use a digital eSIM. However, this service is not yet available in all countries, so devices still have a SIM card slot. Another rumor came Blog to iPhone It has been reported that there will be two eSIMs in the iPhone Pro models planned for 2023. This guarantees dual SIM functionality.

Of course, it should be noted at the moment that this is only a rumor and not confirmed information. Blog do iPhone trusted iPhone leaks are not yet known. It is also conceivable that Apple will change its plans over the next two years. We need to see if the iPhone 15 (Pro) does not really have a SIM slot. If the eSIM service is available in most regions by 2023, it is highly speculative that Apple will provide a card slot in future flagship devices.

Lightning can also be eliminated

In addition to the physics SIM slot, the Apple Lightning port can also be removed. Thus, the smartphone can only be charged wirelessly. This will have the advantage that the iPhone will no longer have any attachments and will be significantly waterproof. However, it is unlikely that the socket will disappear in 2023.

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