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Aldo's Odyssey finally continues, with lots of new games and weekend discounts - - Latest Apple News & Discounts for iPhone, iPod and Mac

Aldo’s Odyssey finally continues, with lots of new games and weekend discounts – – Latest Apple News & Discounts for iPhone, iPod and Mac

Hands up, weekend! You can see what should be on your radar in the application mix.

Best discounts

Application News

Aldo’s Odyssey – The Lost City: The sequel to the popular game series will be released on July 16th and will run exclusively on Apple Arcade. Here is a note on the new first trailer and two previous versions that you can normally download on the App Store:

Aldo's record
Aldo's Odyssey

Amazon Alexa: You can now enable Voice Assistant via the widget.

Amazon Alexa

Among us: The popular subtraction game has received a major update with a new task, new translations and many bug fixes. Online multiplayer appeared in June 2018 and excites gamers on Android, iOS, Windows and Nintendo Switch.

Within us!

WhatsApp: This service will soon release a new feature that lets you control the quality of your pictures yourself.

WhatsApp Messenger

Trima: You can now adjust the playback speed of audio messages in Messenger.

Trima.  Safe ambassador

Signal: WhatsApp competitor has also received updates with new audio news features.

Signal - Safe Messenger

What Golf: The Apple Arcade-only game has received an update with 50 new levels. Crazy game allows you to golf and pounds in crazy scenes. One of the best games in the Apple Arcade in our opinion.

What is golf?

The best new gaming apps for your perfect weekend

Release Montana Black Kylo: Equip yourself with different weapons and more in a fun action game where you fight against tax action investigators.

Release of Montana Black Kylo

Lexacrana: This is a new word pusler in which you slide the characters back and forth.


Forest Camp Story: Well known management developers at Chyrosoft have released a new building game title based on a tried and tested concept:

Forest camp story

Chess Puzzle Achievement: A chess puzzle with 100 levels that operate according to known rules, without purchases in use.

Chess Puzzle Adventure

Crash driver 3: In the 3rd part of Action Racer, you must first complete the tutorial in offline mode. It is better to go online mode to fight with other drivers. Short trips create new challenges in the first rounds.

Crash driver3

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Photo: Moonner GmbH @ App Store