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Advertising News on Apple Music!  Unpleasant surprise of subscribers

Advertising News on Apple Music! Unpleasant surprise of subscribers

Apple Music subscribers who love music, nothing but music, are starting to see the red. The site has decided to insert promotional messages for other content in some playlists, which has the gift of annoying users.

US site reported macworld, Have begun to hear complaints from Apple Music subscribers about the provision of ads in the middle of certain content. Still, the basic agreement with music streaming sites’ tariff offers is clear: you pay for the premium service and you do not have to worry about advertising.

This was certainly the case with Apple Music until the recent changes that began to hear promotional news when listening to “ad-free” radio stations. Of course, these messages are not the news of third-party advertisers trying to sell a pair of headphones or laundry detergent. They are provided directly by Apple and are used to promote other content available on Apple Music.

In other words, users listening to a radio station playing alternative rock may be interrupted by a message that lasts several tens of seconds, inviting them to try out a radio station that plays folk music or to listen to a new episode of the popular podcast. Apple points out that it is still possible to bypass these ads with a single click, sometimes leaving users with a configuration that does not have direct access to the app, which prompts them to submit to these ad beaches. At times, it even takes almost a minute to interrupt the radio’s playlists.

On the other hand, some users complain about the appearance of short interviews of artists of the week on popular playlists. There is nothing wrong with making Macworld journalists angry: “The basic idea of ​​the playlist is to have songs in it. […] If Apple had a way for people like me to avoid this content, none of this would be too shocking..

This is actually a solution for Apple. Allow users to set whether they want to receive promotional messages for other Apple Music content. Even the exclusion of “dislike” from a playlist’s advertising path in particular will not prevent the Apple Music algorithm from running it randomly again. Will the company listen to these reviews to improve the user experience of its more than 60 million Apple Music subscribers? To be continued.

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