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A terrible earthquake has been recorded on Mars and you can hear it

A terrible earthquake has been recorded on Mars and you can hear it

The Insight Mission recorded the largest earthquake to date on Mars in early May. Even better: you can ask for it.

This is the sound coming from the depths of Mars: The data of the largest earthquake on Mars sounded to your earsS “, Writing On May 14, 2022, the official account of the National Space Research Organization (CNES) sent its tools to the Red Planet on Twitter.

You can hear it below:

A few days ago, the official account of the Insight mission (internal study by seismic sounds, geography and heat fluxes) added: ” After listening to soft sounds on Mars for more than three years, I realized the biggest earthquake on Mars: it seems to be 5 magnitude.. ⁇

A magnitude 5 earthquake does not seem to be much larger than what we know on Earth. But on Mars, This is close to the ceiling that scientists expect in Insight work “, Explains NASA.

A “terrible earthquake” recorded on Mars

NASA, which has launched the Insight mission since 2018, has not reduced the exaggeration: the title of its online press release “ Insight records a terrible earthquake in MarchS The epicenter was reported below the Pacific Ocean floor, however; no tsunami alert was issued.

Spectrogram of the largest earthquake recorded on Mars on May 5, 2022 // Source: NASA

This is not the first time the SEIS seismometer on Insight Mission has recorded the sound of an earthquake on Mars, but it is very powerful. In 2019, He heard the sound of another earthquake, Smaller, and slightly less audible. In 2021, SEIS also registered 4.1 magnitude earthquakeMuch smaller than this.

The Insight mission is to continue to provide additional data on the interior of Mars. Scientists hope to use it to better understand the formation of rock stars such as the Earth or the Moon.

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