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A new virus on Mac attacks personal data

A new virus on Mac attacks personal data

CloudMensis is a virus for Mac that wants your private data. Risks of attack are always there, but only for some users.

Macs are not immune to computer viruses, even though the number of threats on MacOS is much lower than on Windows.

Recently, ESET’s Cyber ​​Security Research Lab identified new malware that uses online storage services and a backdoor to steal all the information from your Mac. If you have a Dropbox or pCloud account, be careful.

What is CloudMensis?

The malicious program, known as CloudMensis, abuses system rules to execute arbitrary code and grant privileges not normally accessible. During the first phase, CloudMensis executes the first payload to download the second malware from the pCloud account. Second, it recovers personal information.

Your personal data is at risk

The CloudMensis virus is capable of executing thirty-nine different commands remotely and intelligently without the permission of the Mac owner. Among its capabilities is the ability to download files from your memory, including screenshots and emails. For example, a real risk for companies. Fortunately, the attacks are targeted, so only a minority of Internet users are concerned.

The experts who discovered the malware did not provide specific instructions to protect against it, suggesting that you should wait for an update from developers to protect your Mac.

For now, Apple hasn’t reacted directly, perhaps because the exact process the hackers use to achieve their goal is still difficult to understand.

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