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39 hydrocides were used by EDF in North Alpine rivers

39 hydrocides were used by EDF in North Alpine rivers

Their daily task is to meet river and lake users and vacationers to make them aware of the danger of sudden rises in water levels below dams and power stations. In fact, EDF Hydro Alpes operates 127 dams and 104 hydroelectric plants in the Northern Alps. Water release can occur at any time of the day to generate electricity. “River levels and flows can then rise rapidly, surprising swimmers, fishermen and sportsmen who find themselves in danger zones,” recalls the energy expert.

Every summer for more than 20 years, as part of its prevention campaign, apparent silence is a danger in various media, so EDF recruits bilingual seasonal workers to publish this communication in the field.


A backup application
The Ma Rivière et moi mobile application complements the system for two years: through an interactive map, it allows you to know the vigilance and regulated zones around EDF power stations and dams. Possibility of subscribing to notifications to inform about exceptional maneuvers that may have an impact on lakes and waterways (construction sites, maintenance activities). This summer, the application is enriched with new information on the location and practice of activities (fishing spots, boat launches, equipped beaches, marine activities, etc.) QR codes are pasted on boards – a hundred – allowing users to easily download. Application from their place of retirement. In the Northern Alps, the use of hydroelectric facilities operated by EDF is already in place in Passy, ​​Beaufort and Ain valleys, before being used in all regions in the valleys (Arve, Tarentaise, Maurienne, Beaufortain). Massif, Isare, North Drome).
“My River and me” application is also available on Apple Store, Play Store and online.

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