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2020 / Digital Information The World's Most Downloaded Social Media Apps

2020 / Digital Information The World’s Most Downloaded Social Media Apps

With this year roller coaster finally coming to an end, now is the perfect time to discover the most downloaded apps of 2020 on iOS and Android phones. Optopia should be credited for compiling this comprehensive list.

With more than 82 million downloads between January and November, Dictok topped the charts. It is a shortcoming to say that 2020 was a time of dictatorship. The standard-bearer of short format video content was close to being banned in the United States, which could affect the number of downloads.

After Dictoc, Instagram is the most downloaded app with 57.5 million downloads this year. From rolling the reels to raising the IGTV range to four hours and creating the app store feature, Instagram has a remarkable 2020.

Snapshot came in third with over 43 million downloads. Thanks to its reliance on the AR feature (lenses), Snapshot was able to tie the knot with countless new users this year.

In fourth place is the social networking king Facebook (42 million downloads). Attempts by Facebook to deal with the spread of misinformation on its platform, especially those related to epidemics and elections, are highly commendable.

With more than 25 million downloads this year, Twitter has topped the list of most downloaded apps by 2020. Twitter has released some interesting features and updates this year e.g., Marines (inspired by stories) and the option to determine who users can respond to their tweets.

While it doesn’t give social media companies a run for their money, it’s very interesting that this year the parlor has been downloaded 7 million times.

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When the debate shifts to more downloaded video-conferencing applications, it should come as no surprise that Zoom topped the charts, bringing in more than 73 million users. Meetings, lectures, recording exercises and more can be achieved with the help of Zoom.

Google Dio emerged as a strong alternative to zooming in with over 18 million downloads this year. Don’t dismiss it as Houseparty has been downloaded more than 15 million times this year. Following COVID-19, Housepardy did an amazing job of connecting friends and family.

BIGO Live and Marco Polo also enjoyed a successful 2020 collection of 10.5 million and 5 million downloads, respectively.

In terms of messaging applications, Messenger saw the highest number of downloads in 2020, with over 51 million. The advent of the cross-application communication feature between Instagram Direct and Messenger was a game changer.

WhatsApp has been scamming left and right downloads as rumors of this service spread in the self-destructing messaging option with the reverse-image search feature. It recorded 41 million downloads this year in the United States.

With 29 million, 15 million and 6 million downloads respectively this year, Discord, Telegram and Signal have become an alternative to the leading smartphone messaging apps.

Did any of these numbers surprise you? Let us know in the comments below.

Via: Optopia / Basil Labs / Forbes