Boris Johnson under pressure to dismiss his collaborator following a lock breach

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Dominic Cummings outside Downing Street.

Boris Johnson is under pressure to sack his chief aide after it has been reported that he and his wife breached the UK foreclosure by traveling across England to stay with his parents, while showing symptoms of coronavirus.

Dominic Cummings drove over 420 kilometers from London to Durham, where he stayed with family members just days after Johnson detained the UK and banned family visits, an investigation by The Guardian and Daily Mirror found.

Police confirmed that they had visited property in the area and had spoken to an individual about the UK lockout rules on March 31, PA Media reported. Downing Street declined to comment.

“If (media reports are) correct, the prime minister’s chief adviser appears to have broken the lock rules. The government’s directives were very clear: stay at home and no unnecessary trips, “said a spokesman for the Labor Party.

“The British people do not expect there to be one rule for them and one for Dominic Cummings. Number 10 must provide a very quick explanation of their actions.”

Scottish National Party and Liberal Democrat leaders have called on Cummings, who played a leading role in the pro-Brexit campaign in 2016 and joined Boris Johnson on Downing Street last year, to resign or be fired.

And David Lidington, Theresa May’s deputy as Prime Minister, told the BBC: “There are clearly serious questions that number 10 is going to have to answer, not least because the will of members of the public to following government directives more generally will be affected by this kind of story. “

UK restrictions on coronaviruses make it clear that people should not visit any other household, including second homes or family homes, and should not make any non-essential travel.

“You shouldn’t visit family members who don’t live in your house,” according to the rules. “You have to stay in touch with them using phone or video calls.”

The country’s self-isolation guide also states that if a person has symptoms of Covid-19, they should not leave their home for seven days.

On April 25, Cummings’ wife Mary Wakefield wrote a column in The Spectator magazine on the couple’s experience with Covid-19, but made no mention of traveling outside the capital.

“My husband rushed to my house to take care of me,” she wrote in the room. “After the uncertainty of the bug itself, we came out of quarantine in the almost comical uncertainty of locking in London,” she added.

Cummings showed symptoms shortly after Johnson revealed that he had tested positive for the coronavirus. The PM then spent a brief period in intensive care with the virus. He repeatedly urged people to stay at home.

Neil Ferguson, a leading epidemiologist who advised British government on his coronavirus response, was forced to resign earlier this month after his revelation, he also broke the lock rules.

Scotland’s chief medical officer Catherine Calderwood also left her post last month after being photographed by a Scottish newspaper near her family’s second home in another part of the country at her address in Edinburgh.


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