NBA 2K League virtual stars return to distance for another exciting season

NBA 2K League virtual stars return to distance for another exciting season
NBA 2K League is an official esport for three years and is managed by the National Basketball Association and the virtual game company Take-Two Interactive.
Despite the Coronavirus pandemic, the 23 teams in the league will still be competing for the distance title for at least six weeks of competition, starting May 5, with games broadcast live on NBA 2K League Twitch and YouTube channels.

NBA 2K general manager Brendan Donohue said he hopes the competition will provide “new and old fans alike a fun way to stay connected and engage with our league in these unprecedented times.”

He added: “Our players have been quarantined with their teammates as they prepare for the season and will now have the opportunity to compete and show that they are the best players in the world.”

“A dream for all players”

Earlier this year, the best professional players in the world traveled to New York to participate in the 2020 draft to determine who would represent which team next season.

Players were fortunate to join existing NBA outfits, as well as esports giants such as Gen.G.

“It created excitement, obviously in the NBA community, but it also woke up the entire esports community,” said Donohue during the February draft.

“The NBA takes this very seriously and they are all in it.”

The hope is that the league will continue to add more teams in the future, in order to capitalize on the momentum behind the industry.

“It’s the best thing because they’re going to have full confidence in you,” said Jazz Gaming player Kimanni Ingram, speaking of the possibility of playing for existing franchises.

“They write you to represent their organization for an entire season – to bring them a championship, to protect their brand, to create your own brand.

“It’s perfect. It’s a dream for all players.”

A new and improved site for the coming season had been built in Manhattan, New York, with space not only for competitors, but also for up to 200 spectators.

EPremier League

It is not the first time that a professional sports league has been involved in competitive play.

High-level football organized its first ePremierLeague llast year, with the 20 clubs involved.

Each team hosted live playoff events to find their best Xbox One and PlayStation 4 players, who then participated in the ePL finals at Gfinity Arena in London.

Watch the video at the top of the page to learn more about this season’s NBA 2K League.


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