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Chains separating the back half of a public bus from the driver’s area hang to protect MTA bus drivers from exposure to COVID-19 on Friday, April 24, in the Bronx district of New York. John Minchillo / AP

The New York Metropolitan Transit Association (MTA), which is responsible for public transportation in the state, has announced that it will launch a new, more frequent cleaning plan. The plan will be returned to the governor when it is completed.

Ken Lovett, the senior advisor to the president and chief executive officer of the MTA, released the following statement on Wednesday:

“We fully agree that we must do everything we can to keep our system and our trains and buses as clean and safe as possible. Following our aggressive plan to disinfect our stations twice a day and our full fleet every 72 hours, we are completing a plan to further improve and increase the frequency of our cleaning. We will deliver this plan to the Governor as requested. “

What does it talk about: New York Governor Andrew Cuomo said earlier today that he told MTA to present a plan by tomorrow to disinfect trains and buses.

“Any essential worker who shows up and gets on a train must know that the train was disinfected the day before. We want them to appear. We don’t want them to stay at home. We owe it to them to be able to say that the train you drive, the bus you drive, has been disinfected and is clean, ”he said.

Cuomo called the state of the subway cars “disrespectful” during Tuesday’s coronavirus briefing.

“To help the homeless stay on the trains in the midst of a global health pandemic without masks or protective gear, you are not helping the homeless.” Letting them endanger their own lives and endangering the lives of others doesn’t help anyone, ”Cuomo added during today’s briefing.

When pushed further on a specific cleaning schedule, Cuomo said the agency was responsible for this.

“I said to the MTA, give me a plan by which you will clean and disinfect each train every night so that I can tell the essential workers who kill themselves for our condition, we keep the metros open for you, and when you get on the metro in the morning or in the afternoon, know that this car was disinfected the day before, “he said. “… I’m not going to do a cleaning program. I’m not doing this.”


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