Airbnb will make certain owners wait 24 hours between guests

Airbnb will make certain owners wait 24 hours between guests

The company will begin to require that rentals remain vacant for 24 hours between departure and the start of a new reservation. The new requirement is based on a recommendation from the Centers for Disease Control to “address the possibility of particles that may remain in the air for a few hours.”

the the company also announced On Monday, a new cleaning protocol for hosts, establishing the “first global standardized protocol for cleaning and disinfection” in the home sharing industry, according to Airbnb.

It offers advice on how to clean rooms and the types of disinfectants to use. The program is not mandatory for hosts to follow, but Airbnb said it encourages hosts to “commit to and adopt these improved cleaning practices”. Customers will soon be able to identify the hosts obliged by the program to find the platform’s search results.

Airbnb previously released a “cleaning checklist” for hosts who have detailed basic cleaning requirements after the release of Covid-19.

Hotel bookings have dropped dramatically and occupancy rates have dropped to 23.4% of rooms in the United States in service for the week ending April 18, according to recent data from the analytics company. hotelier STR. Airbnb is a private company, so it does not make reservation figures public.

Earlier this month, Airbnb announced it had received a Billion dollar loan from investors during the pandemic and the slowdown in travel. It also relaxed cancellation times for customers and created a $ 250 million fund to pay affected hosts. Some of these changes sparked outrage from the hosts, who said the relief money was not enough to cover losses due to mass cancellations.

Travel has been particularly affected by the virus and has forced several companies to deploy new cleaning procedures.

Airlines, such as Delta ((DAL), began to “mist” the planes with disinfectants every day and blocked the middle seats for social distancing. Marriott ((TUE) Last week, she announced that she had started spraying the rooms with a “hospital grade disinfectant” which disinfects surfaces and rearranges hall furniture to separate people.


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