Dominic Thiem rejects plans to help players in difficulty through the coronavirus crisis

Dominic Thiem rejects plans to help players in difficulty through the coronavirus crisis
It comes after Novak Djokovic, the president of the ATP Player Council, called on players to contribute to a fund set up by the governing bodies of the game.

Tennis has been suspended until at least mid-July while the world is fighting the coronavirus crisis, which means that some players will struggle to make a living during the shutdown.

However, Thiem asked why he should lighten the burden of these lower ranking players and said his gifts would be better placed elsewhere in society.

“No tennis player fights to survive, even those who are much lower ranked,” he said in an interview with Austrian media. Crowned. “None of them will starve.”

Donate money elsewhere

He added: “There are many, many players who do not put sport above all else and do not live professionally.

“I don’t really see why I should give money to these players. I prefer to give money to people or organizations that really need it.”

Thiem, 26, has yet to win a grand slam, but has reached three major finals – most recently at this year’s Australian Open.

The Austrian won nearly $ 24 million in career awards, according to the ATP.

“None of us, the best players, gave us anything, we all had to fight. I have no guarantee of any work that I will do well and make a lot of money,” he said. added.

Meanwhile, a host of the game’s most recognizable stars, such as Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal, have publicly supported the program.

The struggle

Earlier in the lockdown, the tennis player Sofia Shapatava told CNN Sport how she struggled to cope financially in the midst of the crisis.

The world number 375 has launched an online petition asking for financial assistance from the International Tennis Federation (ITF) for players struggling to pay the bills.

“I have talked to so many players and I have a few friends who don’t know how to pay the rent this month. A petition is a way to be heard,” she said.


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