To bypass home stay orders, the Spaniards walked unusual “pets”

To bypass home stay orders, the Spaniards walked unusual "pets"

Well, this order has prompted some to be creative with what the government means by “pet”.

Friday, the Spanish national police tweeted an image of a man fined for “walking” a fish in a bowl in Logroño, a city in northern Spain. He was penalized for violating government orders to stay indoors due to the coronavirus pandemic.

However, he is not alone.

On March 25, a person walking with a hen was charged with violating movement restrictions by the Spanish Civil Guard in Lanzarote.

March 16, images of a man Being confronted for walking a dog on a leash on a leash was published on the Twitter page of the National Union of Spanish Police. The police union urged people not to try to deceive the police.

On the same day, the police force in the city of Murcia, in the south-east of the country, tweeted a video showing an unidentified citizen arrested by the police while trying to walk the streets dressed in tyrannosaurus rex.

Earlier this week, the Spanish Parliament extended the county’s state of emergency until May 9, thereby extending the length of stay in the country to eight weeks. The European country has recorded more than 20,000 deaths from the new coronavirus.


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