Rafa Nadal struggles with Instagram during a starred conversation

Rafa Nadal struggles with Instagram during a starred conversation

The 19-time Grand Slam champion has organized a Instagram Live Monday with a number of sports stars, but had some problems getting to grips with the platform.
Fans tune in so the Spaniard looks at the screen questioningly as he repeatedly attempts to invite Roger Federer at the cat.

“As you can see, I’m a disaster in everything. But I’m trying hard,” laughs Nadal, admitting that it was the first time he used the Live function.

Finally, Nadal managed to pair with his Swiss counterpart, but not before falling victim to the ribs of another pro who was waiting behind the scenes.

“He can win 52 French Open, but not work on Instagram,” wrote Andy Murray, three-time Grand Slam winner.

Federer takes stock of injuries

With tennis suspended due to the coronavirus epidemic, the stars have become accustomed to rare moments outside the tour.

Nadal and Federer were eager to compare notes on their lives during the lockout and discussed the early stages of their careers.

Federer said he used free time to recover from his knee surgery and was practicing strike against a wall.

“There is no stress, no rush, if there is something positive, it is really the only thing,” he said of his rehabilitation.

“At the end of the day, I just want the knee to be good no matter when I come back.”

Virtual tournament

After another technological problem, Nadal managed to connect with a chuckling Murray who clearly enjoyed watching his rival familiarize himself with the intricacies of Instagram Live.

“It’s a little complicated to put people on it. It was a lot of fun watching you,” he teased.

The two are participating in the Virtual Madrid Open next week and both admitted that they had tried to get to grips with video games in preparation.

They agreed to play against each other after their conversation with Nadal throwing the glove.

“Practice a little bit for later, otherwise you have no chance,” he laughed before signing.

While Murray said he liked spending extra time with his family, Nadal said he focused on his tennis academy in Mallorca, Spain.

the the academy was closed to the public in order to avoid outside infections, which means that players and staff have been forced to stay inside.

All professional tennis competitions have been postponed to June 7 in a context of viruses, the male and female rankings being frozen until further notice.

Nadal’s defense of his Roland Garros title will also have to wait, the grand slam being postponed until September.


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