Coronavirus in Bangladesh: 100,000 people assemble for funeral, defying lock-in and raising concerns about epidemic

100,000 people gather at funeral in Bangladesh defying containment of coronaviruses, raising fears of epidemic

The estimated crowd size was confirmed by Prime Minister’s special assistant Shah Ali Farhad and Brahmanbaria police spokesperson Imtiaz Ahmed.

The funeral of Maulana Zubayer Ahmad Ansari, an Islamic teacher, lifted the country’s ban on no more than five people attending prayer at the same time, raising fears of a new coronavirus epidemic emerging from the event.

According to Mohammad Mamunul Haque, co-secretary general of the Islamist party, tens of thousands of people flooded the roads leading to the Brahmanbaria district, walking around to attend the funeral.

Police were unable to control the crowd, which resulted in the removal of the responsible officer and the assistant superintendent from the event and the formation of a committee to investigate the manner in which a crowd so many were allowed to assemble, according to Sohel Rana of Bangladesh. Spokesman for the central police.

Bangladesh had 2,456 positive coronavirus cases and 91 deaths on Sunday, but officials say the actual numbers are likely higher due to the lack of test kits.


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