GameCube controllers and Pokken Pro Pads are compatible on Switch

While Nintendo is still hard at work to bring GameCube games on the Switch Virtual Console, we can start to experience some NGC nostalgia on Nintendo’s latest hardware thanks to Mayflash’s NGC controller adapter and the Pokken Pro Pad.

Some of you might have already tried to plug in their GameCube controller on Switch through the official Nintendo adapter. If you’ve done that, you should already know that it’s not (yet) compatible. With Pokken Tournament DX on the way, this will be taken care of. But until then, you can use either Mayflash’s GameCube Controller adapter or the more official Pokken Tournament Pro Pad.

However, these two only support one controller per console for now, so it’s really limited in use. You can play really simple games like Puyo Puyo Tetris (not Zelda, sorry). This will do until we finally get the GameCube Virtual Console, with maybe some new GameCube Joy-Cons.

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