Yoshi is having its own game on Switch next year

The beloved Yoshi is also getting his fare share of gaming on Nintendo Switch! A totally new Yoshi adventure game was announced during the Nintendo Spotlight presentation a few hours ago.

This time, the adventure leaves the fluffy wooly world for colourful paper-ish Yoshi’s Story inspired levels and a charming melody that perfectly suit the franchise. And there’s also a twist: each course offers both a main path and a hidden behind-the-scenes path to be discovered by flipping the stage. Clever! In addition, Yoshi for Switch promises 2-player co-op action, and graphics based on the Unreal Engine 4 tech.

Lead Yoshi on a brand new adventure that will turn everything you’ve come to expect from side-scrolling games upside down! Explore a great, big world decorated like a miniature diorama in a new art style for the franchise, where each side-scrolling stage has the traditional front side as well as a flip side with different views and surprises. Look for items throughout the stage as Yoshi makes his way to the goal. You can even join up with a friend!


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