Samus Aran is back in Metroid Prime 4 for Switch

Ten years after Retro Studios opened a third chapter in the Phazon-filled adventures of bounty hunter Samus Aran, the franchise is finally coming back in Metroid Prime 4. Yeah we know, Metroid: Other M and Federation Force came in the meantime but do we really need to go into that debate? Right. So, during today’s Nintendo Spotlight, BigN shared a (too) short but impactful teaser of the fourth instalment in the first-person action-adventure game.

To be honest, nothing was said on the game. It’s all in the video below, a logo, a “in development for Switch” and that’s all. A few hours later, Nintendo of America Bill Trinen confirmed to IGN that the new entry will keep Metroid Prime’s first-person perspective and will be released sometime “beyond 2017”. Furthermore,  Retro Studios is not in charge of the development of this title. Instead, designer and producer Kensuke Tanabe is helping lead the project alongside “a talented new development team”.

That’s all folks. We don’t know when we’ll have more news of Metroid Prime 4, but it’s on the way and it’s all that matters.

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