Rocket League is coming to Switch this Holiday

Oh those clever guys… A few days ago, developer Psyonix showed it’s interest in expanding the eSport universe of Rocket League to the Switch. But little did we know that something was already in the works as they were just saying to be in “an evaluation phase“. Well, surprise! Opening the Nintendo Spotlight presentation is none other than Rocket League for Switch.

Soccer and cars meet again in this Switch port that will include the same features, upgrades, and content that Rocket League players worldwide have come to know and love on other platforms. Psyonix Studios will pack this hybrid version with all the good stuff that made the racing-football game so great: offline season mode, multiple game types, casual and competitive online matches, and special “Mutators” that let you change the rules entirely.

As a bonus to encourage players to join the competition, exclusive battle-cars and customization items will be available, including Mario and Luigi hat toppers to decorate your car. In total, this version will offer 100 billion possible customization combinations for your car. And don’t worry if you’ve already made friends on other platforms, the Switch version offers cross-network play with Xbox One and PC users.

Rocket League for Switch is releasing this Holiday 2017 for the price of $20.


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