Fire Emblem Heroes: New Summoning Focus – Echoes of Mystery

Good news for all the fans that want to see more of FE: New Mystery of the Emblem, Nintendo and Intelligent Systems are about to release an update for Fire Emblem Heroes that brings new characters from this title! Beginning this June 14th (no end date known for the moment), a new Summoning Focus called Echoes of Mystery will add four heroes from the Japan-only 2D game.

Here’s the confirmed characters and quest that’ll be included in this new Summoning Focus:

  • [5 ★] Katarina, the Wayward One (Raudrowl+, Glacies, Swift Sparrow 2, Atk Ploy 3) – Swords, Flame Magic
  • [5 ★] Roderick, the Steady Squire (Firesweep L+, Rally Def/Res, Drag Back, Drive Def 2) – Lance, Thunder Magic
  • [5 ★] Athena, the Borderland Sword (Wo Dao+, Moonbow, Sturdy Blow 2, Sword Exp 3) – Swords, Flame Magic
  • [5 ★] Luke, the Rowdy Squire (Brave Sword+, Bonfire, Fire Boost 3, Panic Ploy 3) – Swords, Flame Magic
  • New Quest – Echoes of Mystery (Paralogue)




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