Blade Strangers: a fighting mash-up of Code of Princess, Cave Story and Umihara Kawase

Publisher Nicalis is giving the Smash Bros. treatment to three of their biggest selling franchises in an all-new 2D fighting game created by veteran Japanese developer Studio Saizensen: Blade Strangers. Unveiled during a Twitch official E3 live stream, it’s coming later this year on Nintendo Switch, and we’ve got some gameplay footage.

Blade Strangers is developed to please fans of three great franchises – Code of Princess, Cave Story, and Umihara Kawase – by combining them all together in a fighting game mixing the dynamic and speed of Guilty Gear or Street Fighter, and the easy control scheme of Smash Bros.

The game will feature stages taken directly from the actual games, with the most iconic fighters of the three franchises. More characters will be added to the roster in future updates, so we hope to see Isaac! Nicalis also unveiled the modes to be included in the fighting mash-up: Story Mode (traditional arcade mode with cut-scenes and characters clashing), Mission Mode (fulfil specific tasks to unlock content), Versus Mode, Training Mode, and Online Mode.

Blade Strangers is slated for Q4 2017 on Nintendo Switch. No price given for the moment.


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