Beyond Good & Evil 2: Trailer and possibly of a Switch timed exclusive

Fourteen years. It’s been fourteen years that we’ve been waiting for this full reveal trailer. Ubisoft’s E3 2017 press conference was closed with a huge wave of emotion among fans who discovered the final announcement of Beyond Good & Evil 2. Even Michel Ancel, video game designer and father of the franchise, shared a tear when coming on stage to present the final form of his upcoming baby.

The long awaited BG&E2 is still in its early stages of development, but Ancel already promises¬†a “seamless online playground” and a huge System 3 galactic system to explore. The storyline will follow events before the first title of the series, when Jade wasn’t even born.

But most interestingly, no platforms were confirmed for the title. Something quite odd when we already know the names of all the current gen consoles. Which makes us remember that, in the really early moments of the life of Beyond Good & Evil 2, some were emitting the idea that the game would be a Switch exclusive. Some even say that Nintendo is reserving itself the right to confirm it as a timed exclusive tomorrow, during their Nintendo Spotlight presentation.


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