Nintendo Spotlight will be short, games announced at Treehouse Live

We’re now just a few hours away to finally discover how Nintendo will shape the future of video games during E3 2017, with their Nintendo Spotlight live conference followed by the Treehouse Live. And Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime gave us a first glimpse of what’s to come thanks to his appearance during the YouTube Live at E3 show.

First, Reggie confirmed that the Nintendo Spotlight will last 25 minutes. A purposely fast presentation that goes directly to the point and holds “a number of reveals, a number of first looks” according to him. Of course, Super Mario Odyssey will be featured as expected, and both the Switch & 3DS will have a fair amount of games to be shown.

But that’s not all. Nintendo is slightly making changes to the Treehouse Live, that’ll share more breaking news during its first hour of livestream. So don’t forget to stick around!

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