FIFA 18: First details on Switch revealed at E3

This year’s E3 is kicking off with Electronic Arts’ EA Play conference, that finally shared first details for FIFA 18 on Nintendo Switch. This new season of the football game will launch this September 29th, and here’s everything we know so far.

Developed by EA Vancouver and EA Romania, FIFA 18 for Switch will apparently have most of the features that the other platforms have. However, there are two major difference that EA won’t include it in the Switch version. First, the game isn’t built on EA’s Frostbite Engine. Such a decision from the development teams will most likely make it look less impressive than the PS4/One versions, but ex-EA executive Peter Moore previously said that FIFA was being “custom-built” for Switch. Official press content also states that this version uses “advanced rendering technology […] brand-new pitch environments, realistic character likeness, and new gameplay mechanics, all built for Switch“. So the final graphic performance should match the power of the console.

But most surprisingly, The Journey: Hunter Returns won’t be included for the Switch. And that’s the major drawback for this title. Lots of players enjoy FIFA games mostly for the multiplayer features, but the campaign mode was a breath of fresh air for single-oriented players.

Here are the other features confirmed in EA’s press release and official website:

  • Play FIFA 18 anytime, anywhere
  • 1080p resolution when docked, 720p on handheld
  • Control Schemes: Handheld, dual Joy-Con, single Joy-Con or Pro Controller
  • FIFA Ultimate Team: Squad Building Challenges, Online/Offline Seasons, Tournaments, Draft, Transfer Market, and more.
  • Other modes included: Career Mode, Kick Off, Local Seasons, Women’s International Cup and Skill Games
  • Local Seasons can be played using a local multiplayer connection




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