Fire Emblem Heroes: Zephiel Grand Hero Battle is back!

Now that the Camus Grand Hero Battle is coming to an end, Fire Emblem Heroes is getting prepared for a whole new one. And this time, Zephiel: The Liberator (from Fire Emblem: The Binding Blade) is back on the battlefield in a “Zephiel Grand Hero Battle”! It’s a new opportunity to add it to your team if you haven’t had the chance to defeat him or missed the last Grand Hero Battle with him.

Here are all the details of this new Zephiel Grand Hero Battle (June 9th – June 16th):

  • Grand Hero Battle – Hard (3★) / Lunatic (4★): Defeat Zephiel the Liberator.
  • Grand Hero Battle Quests (Orbs + 3★ Zephiel): Defeat Zephiel the Liberator with Sharena / Zephiel in your team.

Remember that the Summoning Focus Bridal Blessings is still up until June 14th. It features 5 ★ bridal versions of Caeda “Taly’s Bridge” & Charlotte “the Money Maiden” (both Lance, Thunder Magic), Cordelia “the Perfect Bride” and Lyn “the Bride of the Plains” (both Archer, Ninja). Here’s the trailer if you’ve missed it.


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