Sonic Mania will release on August 15th at low price

The Sonic Team is bringing a new wave of retro-style 2D platformer with Sonic Mania this Summer on Switch, and it’ll be at low price. PR sources at SEGA informed us that this next instalment in the blue hedgehog adventures will speed up to the shelves this August 15th at $20. A trailer, new art and in-game screenshots were shared for the occasion.

A nice touch considering that, even though the graphics put this title within the classic Sonic category, it’ll be a whole new experience. Previous infos from Famitsu magazine confirmed that Sonic Mania will feature new side-scrolling stages with a “twist” and gameplay similar to Sonic 3.

As for the physical version of Sonic Mania, SEGA Product Manager Jim Dyer admitted they would love to bring it to Switch but nothing confirmed so far. Looks like the Collector’s Edition ($70) might still be the only option if you want some Sonic Mania goodies showing on your shelves.

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